Personalized email campaigns based on users activities

Undersend make use of your users’ data and their activities to create better app communication. It means that you will onboard, educate, alert, and nurture even more effective. All that paired with great measurement and analytics

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Onboard, educate, communicate using your app data

Look for past and present activities to define segments for your campaigns
Relying on current users’ actions is not enough to know what level of knowledge your users have. That is why, with Undersend, you can save user activities. Use them in the future to create campaigns that inform about things they do not know yet.
Define the goal of the campaign and measure it precisely
Often, knowing if a user opened an email and clicked a link is not enough. The goal of the message can also be something your users do in your app. Something that pushes them closer to become your customer. With Undersend you can define exactly that. Use custom events and users attributes to evaluate if campaign goal has been reached.
Money is in follow-up
Your users have a lot on their minds. Often, they read your emails and forget about what should they do next. Many studies say that second and third email is crucial to increase the response rate. With Undersend you can create follow-ups for all of your emails until you get a wanted reaction.

Sending targeted and personalized emails is easy with Undersend

Simple setup using javascript tag or API
No need for complex app logic. The setup is very simple. What you need to do is paste simple javascript code into your app and fill it with your user data.
Select users to campaigns using advanced filters
Select exactly those users that should get an email. Check as many properties and events as you want and combine them using AND/OR logical statements.
Create email sequence with simple UI editor
Define how many emails should campaign has and how many days after the campaign start they should be sent. Personalize email content with markup language so the people feel like it was written by hand.

Advanced segmentation

Create user segments for your campaigns using advanced options

Filter users using 20+ comparison operators
Join logical statements and create advanced filters

Simple email editor with markup language support

Create emails that are effective because they don’t look like automated

Insert and format users data using liquid language
Use if statements to personalize larger chunks of emails

App and messages analytics

Campaign Analytics

See how many of your users are entering campaigns, how many reach the end goal, and how many fail to do so.

Email Analytics

Your open rates and click rates for every email. Use this data to make your messages even better performing.

Activation Stats

Based on your app visits and registrations, you can see how the landing page performs and the potential number of future customers.

Engagement Stats

Shows the number of users that use your app frequently and how many users you should help with using your app

4 reasons why you should use undersend right now

You are sending random and low conversion HTML emails

Users don’t like getting random messages when they don’t need them. When someone knows how to do something in your app, why should you bother him? With undersend, you will exactly know if your users did something or not and act on it.

You don't use your users' data to personalize email campaigns and email content

You app know many details about your users already. Use this information to show users that emails you write are prepared for them and that you are not sending spam. When you personalize your emails, you will increase your open rate and conversion!

You want to know how to help your users based on their interactions

With undersend, you can create email campaigns exactly for your app flow. Looking at interactions, you will know what your users should do next and guide them to do it.

You want to know what campaigns should you create for your users

There are some basic campaigns you need to have in your app. We have got some examples prepared for you so you can spend less time reinventing the wheel.

Use your app data and get better results with email marketing